nine loves

* i could easily fill up these nine with pictures of people, but i don't think that is the point.  
so here goes.

1) my guys

2) dancing (in my car, in my living room, at weddings.  i don't discriminate.)
{dance party for one}

3) soaking up the sun
{striped neck courtesy of the mexican sun}

4) new orleans
{people-watching, nola 2010}

5) flea markets/farmers markets
{washington d.c. 2010}

6) music festivals
{acl music festival, 2009}

7) college "reunions" (we get together at least once a year and i manage to laugh more in one weekend than i do all year long.)
{on the porch of the dorm where we all met 13 years ago, college station 2010}

8) weddings (i cry at all of them.)
{my dad and sister at her wedding, 2008}

9) shitty tv (my rule: if it's on bravo, it's worth watching.)
{i love jeff and jenny.  anyone with me?}

your turn.


  1. LOVE jeff. love him. also, i think he looks just like LeBron James so now (when i have occasion to which much less now that the playoffs are over) i call lebron Jeff Lewis. then i giggle. every time.

  2. i love your love list :) this challenge is fantastic~