sad songs revisited

man oh man, have i told you lately that i love you, sweet friends?  thanks for sharing your favorite sad songs.  they are now some of my favorites, too.

kathleen, you hit the nail on the head with this one.  band of horses is a household favorite here on bondstone, especially their older stuff.  and this song is oh so good/saaaaaaaaaad.

dweeeeeeeeeeja: ryan adams, of course!  his voice was made for sad songs.  this song makes me so happy that i am not responsible for anyone's misery (other than my husband's and children's.  i KID!)
ryan adams just so happens to sing two of my very favorite covers: oasis' wonderwall and one of the best toe-tapping, skirt-twirling songs, to be young (is to be sad).
{please forgive the cheesiness of this video}
if you are texan, you are born knowing all of the lyrics to george strait songs.  it's a fact.  therefore, his sad songs are great because they are of the sing-a-long variety.  nice pick, karin!

this has been fun, folks.  keep 'em coming.
 {yes, i'm talking to you, jessica!}


  1. sorry, i was off gallavanting with hippies... let me think....

  2. i'm trying to think of a real good one.. but i'll tell you what this song kills me.... "it's a quarter after 1- i'm a little drunk and i neeeed you now.... said i wouldn't call but i lost all control and i need you now..." you know that song? I can't think of who sings it.. country.. guy and a girl.. oh man.. tears every time i hear it on the radio!

  3. ^I think that's lady antebellum. love that song - and inappropriately enough it was the first song that my (then) two year old could sing along to. you haven't lived until you've heard a two year old sing, "it's a quarter one and i'm a little truck and i need you now!"

    it's true about texans - i haven't heard that GS song for fifteen years and i just sang the entire thing with a full on accent and everything. love him.

    cort - can you do workout songs now?? i really need some new cardio songs!

  4. i love that song too! ben calls them lady ella bella, and i agree michelle, there is nothing quite like hearing your two-year-old sing about getting drunk and hooking up.
    p.s. i am alllll over that work-out mix. let me do some research :)