just breathe

meet my good friend melissa.  her friendship is one of my favorite things i inherited in my marriage.  a couple of years ago she married my husband's brother-from-another-mother, bryant.  they are good people.

melissa is a yoga instructor.  and last night her yoga flow class kicked my butt.  in the very best way, of course.
you see, i am not one of those people who craves exercise.  i exercise out of necessity.  my idea of a fun work-out is a zumba class, because i get to shake what my momma gave me.  too bad zumba isn't byob because i am a much better dancer a few drinks in.

but i must admit, i love melissa's yoga classes for a few reasons:
a) she modifies poses based on your body's needs.  both hard-core yogis (my sister) and recreational yogis (me) are able to enjoy her class.
b) she plays great music.  no new-agey trance music to be found.  last night i heard ben harper, the flaming lips, and pearl jam, to name a few.  this is a deal-breaker for me.
c) it forces you to stop your mind for an hour and only concentrate on your body and it's needs/capabilities.  no time to think about your baby's spit-up when you are trying to balance on one leg. the only thing you have to worry about during that hour is remembering to breathe.

and last night, just as i was forgetting that crucial in-through-your-nose-out-through-your-mouth technique, like a mind reader, melissa played this:

she used to teach classes out of her home (below is a picture of me after i flooded her house with my sweat).  but now she teaches right up the street at white rock yoga.  like them on facebook, check out their website, come to a class. 
you'll see me there.  even though my ass hurts like a mother, i'll be back.


  1. i love yoga! i always feel so good afterward. I haven't been in a couple of months due to a wrist injury but this post makes me want to get back to it stat!

  2. haha BYOB Zumba.... awesome. Fun yoga class! i'll have to try it out next time i'm in town.

  3. Thank you Cort! Your sincere friendship and loving support brings a tear to my eye as I read this post with laughter first of course at the mention of Chris's bro and then overwhelming joy and humility to know how lucky I am to have you as a dear friend. Love you and your whole family!! Muah!

  4. I love yoga too! I've been doing spin and a muscle mechanics class, but I think I need to do some yoga after reading this!