work-out mixtape

per michelle's (btw you'll always be shelly to me :) request, here are some good cardio songs that aid me in getting my big butt off the couch.  for me, to qualify as a good workout song, it must have a tempo that encourages me to put one foot in front of the other...on the beat.  as i run, slooowly, i chant silently, "you can do this, you can do this".  at which point my body usually says, "no you can't, no you can't".

hope you like my picks.

1) i am obsessed with this new-to-me song.  i sing it so much that my husband sings it too, even though i am not sure he's ever heard the original.
2) i can't decide if i love or hate this next song.  however, it does make me want to move, which is half the battle.
3) vampire weekend's entire first album is perfect for a treadmill/elliptical machine.  it's my go-to.
4) this entire album is also a go-to of mine.  thom yorke is such a weirdo...i love it!
5) my all. time. favorite. treadmill song ever.
6) perfect to sing-along to if you can breathe.  which normally i can't, so i do alot of the singing in my head.
7) if your cardio workout consists of dancing around in your living room, and involves twirling and beer drinking, this song is for you {as well as 'the road goes on forever'}

8) i made myself step away from youtube or i would've kept going for-e-ver.  but not shown here are any jay-z, kanye west (even though he's a big jerk), a tribe called quest.....

this was so fun.  what are your favorite cardio songs?

p.s. sorry some of the videos are ginormous.  couldn't figure out how to shrink them.  my bad.


  1. my fav: http://youtu.be/V5bYDhZBFLA
    it's funny how different my workout mix is from yours. i think i must need much more motivation than you! mine is mostly beats with lots of kick-ins to keep me going. club music, i guess.

  2. yay! thanks for sending your pick! i am so curious as to what motivates others. however, reading over this post, i made it sound like i actually run. which i don't, but might if i was guaranteed to look like the women in your video!

  3. love it! some of these are on my list already - love Pumped Up Kicks (so does Wyatt :) Definitely adding The Drums and Vampire Weekend.
    Thanks, Friend!