good genes

i may not have inherited a high metabolism or legs that go on for days, but my gene pool is full of artistic goodness.  i'd take that over looking hot in a bikini (almost) any day.

let me brag a bit, would you?  my daddy-o was recently featured in the latest issue of DHome magazine as a 'person of interest'.  he was interviewed about our family business, barry martin painting, and asked to paint a shirt to match a special finish on one of the walls in his office.  you can tell from the interview that he is a humble, talented, hard-working man.  but i already knew that.

you see, my dad owns the family business which was started in the forties by my equally talented grandfather.  they have established an impeccable reputation as the premier paint contractors in dallas (all without advertising).
currently, my husband makes sure all the jobs run smoothly, my sister makes sure everyone gets paid, my brother-in-law takes care of the shop, my grandmother helps with payroll, and my grandfather still comes to work every day (he's in his 80's, mind you.)  and while i am not in the middle of the action every day, i am their biggest cheerleader.
being a member of this family has some serious perks.  i get original paintings from my father as gifts.
i have a house full of furniture my grandfather made.
my husband makes and finishes custom frames for our photographs.

{chris even took that picture.  multi-talented, i'll say.}

and now my children have the opportunity to learn the business as well.  that is, if they want.
i am just so extremely proud to be a grand-daughter, daughter, sister and wife in this operation.

thank you for letting me brag.

the end.

p.s. my sister blogged about the publication here.

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