greatest hits- the abbreviated version

we are leaving for our vacation to syracuse to visit our family bright and early wednesday morning.  i am currently trying not to freak my freak about packing and preparing to fly with cranky crosby (that is one of his many nicknames, btw.)  so while i wait for the mountains and mountains of laundry to finish drying, i am blogging.  now that's what i call multi-tasking.

this week seems to have a theme: 
time spent with our favorite people.

1) date night.  chris and i had a delicious dinner at the libertine bar (yum) and then to hang out with some awesome people at stan's, some of which we never get to see.  it was good times.
 {chris with the always entertaining johnny horton}
 {out of the house.  woot, woot!}
 {apparently the dress code was green and black}

2) family dinner at my parent's house to celebrate my sweet nanan's birthday.

 {jake's arms are seriously the length of his entire body}
 {he may be as tall as chelsey, but she can still beat him at arm wrestling}
{crosby with the birthday girl}

 3) the theme will continue in syracuse where we will get to spend time with chris's family and see the cousins in action.  we cannot wait.  

so please, say a little prayer for us on wednesday morning.  traveling cross-country with your young family can do a number on your nerves...

p.s. i have scheduled blog posts for the first time!  getting pretty fancy over here on bondstone.  so if all works as planned, a couple of posts will publish for your reading pleasure while we are gone.  

have a great week!
until next time,

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  1. What! How'd you do that? Scheduled blogging- that is awesome. i'll send you good sweet, relaxing nice baby thoughts on Wednesday morning.