five foods

i had to text my husband and ask him what my five foods should be.  how sad is that???  he provided four of them.  thanks, honey.

asking me to pick five favorite foods is like asking me to pick my favorite kid.  o.k., not really.  more like asking me to pick my favorite friend.  i like them all for different reasons.  yep, i just compared food to a friend.  'tis true, 'tis true.

so here are five foods i really, really like.  i am eliminating the word 'favorite' from my brain. i'll even do drink pairings for each because i am fancy like that.

1) bob armstrong dip from matt's rancho martinez
this dip involves everything wonderful about tex-mex in one bowl: queso, sour cream, quacamole, taco meat all mixed together for your dipping pleasure.  it's the first thing i want to eat when i return home from a trip, because mexican food from anywhere other than my home state just doesn't qualify.
drink pairing: a large frozen matt's margarita with salt

2) macaroni and tomatoes
hear me out.  this is a family thing.  when my parents were married, my nanan typed up this recipe for my dad with orders to make it for my mom whenever she was sick.  it went a little something like this:
  • boil water.
  • add macaroni.
  • drain water.
  • add 1 can of tomatoes, lots of butter, salt and pepper.
no joke.  macaroni and tomatoes makes me feel better when i am sick.  and i prefer it when my mom makes it.  she is heavy-handed with the butter.
drink pairing: a large glass of mom's sweet tea

3) shrimp salad from s&d oyster company
it's cold, delicious, and eaten in it's entirety by me with a generous squeeze of lemon and a basket of saltine crackers.  it reminds my of new orleans even though i have never eaten anything like it there.
drink pairing: i drink it with iced tea, but i bet it's good with an abita beer.

4) cornbread dressing
my mama made the best, but she hasn't been able to cook in years.  my parents do a bang-up job replicating it.  not to be mistaken with stuffing.  i like stuffing, but i looooove dressing.  it's a southern thing.  when we spend thanksgiving in georgia, my mom saves some dressing for me to devour when i get home.
drink pairing: anything

5) grits
i'll eat them plain, with cheese, with shrimp, i don't care.  both of my sons are partially made out of grits, no joke.  load them with salt and butter and i am a happy woman.  again, it's a southern thing.
drink pairing: hot coffee

your turn.

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