seven years ago today...

...we wanted to throw a huge party.  
and that is exactly what we did.

it was the best night of my life.

{and yes, i took pictures of my pictures, ghetto-style.  who has time to scan pictures anyway?  original photos taken by the incredibly talented jay conlon.}


  1. lol! i was gonna ask.. did you take pictures of your photo album? Awesome, and smart! So happy to see the pics. I wish i coulda been there to enjoy this special day with you guys! Damn, living to far away... love you, happy anniversary!! xo

  2. Happy anniversary! These pictures are great, and I totally agree about scanning...my general aversion to the work that it takes has saved many a friend from embarassing middle school pictures posted on facebook. Hope you got to do something fun and maybe even kid free for your anniversary.

  3. What a fun night that way! Thanks again for letting me a part of it! Love you and congrats on 7 years!!!