two songs

two songs?!?!?!  this would be a lot easier if the category was more specific.  like, name two songs that remind you of eighth grade.  or, name two of your favorite prince songs.  two make-out songs, two skating rink songs, two hip-hop songs, two guilty-pleasures.  

in a category all it's own, i now present you with two songs from my wedding!
{turn the volume up.  this version is pretty quiet.}
one of our groomsmen sang this song to us during our ceremony (right after i accidentally poured hot wax on my hand from the unity candle. smooth move.)  it (the song) was beautiful, take my word for it.

this willie nelson oldie-but-goodie was our first dance song.  who doesn't love willie nelson?  
we certainly do.
{please forgive this really bad video.  even the lyrics are wrong, but it was all i could find!}

your turn.

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