ten secrets

* i am copying this challenge from the darling marli. if you don't read her blog, you should. she's charming.

1) i like school cafeteria food.  especially the fish nuggets.
2) i took german in middle school, high school, and college.  yep, that sure came in handy. ha.
3) i love art and i love children, but hated being an art teacher.
4) i challenge myself to guess a song's artist as fast as i can before they start to sing.  i have been doing this for years and am pretty darn good at it.

5) as a kid i always wanted braces, glasses and a cast.  never happened, thank goodness.  i would even wear a fake retainer i made out of paper clips.
6) i don't wash my face or remove my make-up at night.  i know, baaaaaaaaad.
7) i hate talking on the phone.  not really a secret.
8) i still sleep with my baby blanket.  real mature, i know.
9) i had a "boyfriend" for months in 5th grade, whom i exchanged gifts with but never spoke to.  never.  not once.
10) i want to be a back-up dancer in my next life.

your turn.


  1. oooo! i love these things! maybe i play too. Your #4... i do all the time.. and i have tons of games going.. 10 points if you name the band/singer before they start singing... 5 points if you name it after they start singing. haha! i am winning most games! Love #9 too.. who was he?? xoxo

  2. duuuuuude...cortney. i had no idea you were my soul mate. Numbers 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 could have been ripped from the pages of my non-existant journal! I did talk to my elementary school boyfriend, but very rarely in person. We went out for 2 years - longer than many of my subsequent relationships - and we talked to each other's faces like 4 times. Also, I ended up with glasses, which led to an awkward couple of years in middle school, but it was the cast and braces I longed for, and never got. sigh. it's never too late to break an appendage, right? will you sign my cast?

  3. love this! and i still sleep with my child blanket too! i should have put that, haha!