greatest hits

does it feel like a thousand years have passed since my last week's greatest hits?  or is that just me?  oh, just me, you say?  o.k. moving on.

1) driving by our old house and feeling a little nostalgic.  i told ben that is where mommy and daddy lived when they first got married, to which he responded by telling me that when he grows up, he wants to marry me.
 2) friends over for dinner.  ben tried to get fresh with their daughter, which she thought was more hilarious than offensive.  hopefully he won't always have that effect on women he tries to make out with.
 3) my sister watched the baby so i could take ben to the movies.  when i left, he was in pajamas.  when i came back, he was in this.
 4) anniversary date night: fancy cocktails which accompanied...
 fancy sushi, followed by...
 a visit to our old stomping grounds where we drank cold beer out of mason jars.  keeping it classy.
 5) these brothers look like they are on two totally different kinds of illegal drugs.  don't worry, they aren't.
 6)  happy 84th birthday, 7-11.  thanks for the free slurpee.
 7) my friends got together somewhere other than a happy hour!  this time we went to the zoo with our kids.  it was super-cute.

 {i had to snap this picture of maggie because this is exactly what her mother looks like floating the river, except adult-sized, on an intertube, with a beer in her hand.  hilarious.}
 8) we finally made it to in-and-out burger.  they opened one 10 minutes from our house (is that good or bad?)  i ordered my burger animal-style, because when in rome...
 9) these brown eyes do me in.  in-and-out turned his frown upside down.

how was your week?

until next time,


  1. good week for you! lots of good laughs over here reading this (illegal drug photo, and ben wanting to marry you..) so cute! xo

  2. That sounds/looks like an awesome week! Love those pictures too. You got some funny ones.