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after my miscarriage, chris surprised me with a trip to new orleans.  i felt old and so very tired, body and mind.  but on this balcony, in this city, i was happy for the first time in a while.  
nola is good for my soul.

{i am a little sad that this challenge is over.  it's been fun.  
thanks for reading y'all.}


  1. you are a beautiful writer and a beautiful woman. thank you for sharing you with us. love you~
    (now we are just going to have to find another challenge :))

  2. you are such a strong and amazing woman cortney!! i've loved reading all 10 of your posts on this challenge. so lucky to know you and have you and your family in our lives. love you!! jules

  3. I'm sad the challenge is over, too. i've loved reading and laughing and nodding in agreement (so many times). You are so honest and awesome I'm so glad I get to read what's in your brain!