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it's been a while since i've shared with you some internet goodies that have caught my eye lately.  hope you like!

1) i want!  this is a bar of soap shaped like a blackbird.  as you wash your hands, it reveals a porcelain bird in the center made by a louisiana artist.  part of the proceeds go to the bp oil spill disaster relief.  perfect.

2)  these photos recently knocked my socks off.  these split-shots were taken with fish-eye lenses positioned both above and below the water.  aren't they beautiful?  click the link to check out the rest.

via alice

3) who's going to london with me to see these sculptures by spanish artist jaume plenda?  could you spot me the plane ticket?  k, thanks.

here is what alice had to say about them: Some of Plensa's works are meant to encourage tactile and sensory exploration. They include a beautiful 50-meter curtain of poetry made of suspended steel letters, large illuminated sculptures in the landscape, and engraved gongs that visitors can strike to fill the gallery with sound. Mostly, his work involves the body. In fact, he used casts of his own body and the faces of people he met while exhibiting his work around the world.

learn more here

4) i'll end this and that on a funny note.  here are a few heat-related images that have made me giggle from the comfort of my air-conditioned home.

                         stay cool, peeps!

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