three films

here are three movies i could watch again and again and again...

1) you can count on me
this is my very favorite movie.  when it came out, i was in my early twenties, and at that time in my life i immediately identified with mark ruffalo's character in the film.  he reminded me so much of boys i knew, sort of lost and trying desperately to find their place in the world.  it is a beautiful story about the love between siblings.  the characters are so relateable that they'll break your heart.  p.s. this movie introduced me to the yummy mark ruffalo.  hubba, hubba.

2) you've got mail
i mean, does it get any cuter than tom hanks and meg ryan in the 90's?  i don't think so.  chris and i discovered early in our marriage that we both shared a love for this movie (chris has a thing for meg ryan and is still in denial that romantic comedy is his favorite movie genre).  and it's so quotable.  "mr. 152 insights into my soul" makes it's way into our vernacular regularly around here.

Joe Fox: Mr. 152 Felony indictments. 

Kathleen Kelly: Mr. 152 insights into my soul. 
Joe Fox: Oh yeah. No competing with that. 

3) annie
at age three, i had a life-sized annie doll on my bed, annie posters on my wall, and an annie locket around my neck.  for christmas, i got annie's red dress and a bright red afro wig.  my mom let me wear it to preschool, oh yes she did.  annie was my everything.  i still bawl like a baby every time i hear the song 'maybe'.  and i could probably still come up with a mean routine to 'it's a hard knock life'.  i should try to find that wig....

your turn.

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