greatest hits

our week in pictures~

1) 2 month check up.  growing like a weed.  
less expensive formula = good news.
2) revisiting this place for lunch.  beet salad to die for.
3) a birthday party where old friends made new friends,
to celebrate this angel turning two.
4) a low lake is the perfect playground.
5) first fish.
6) celebrating independence.
7) smiles abundant.
8) quality time with the sis at her annual 4th of july party.
10) painted "rocketships" aka birdhouses.
11) visiting the family at the shop where one little boy honed his skills.
12) learning from the master.
{thank goodness for water-based paint}

looking forward to friends coming over, a movie date with ben, and celebrating our SEVENTH anniversary over sushi.

how was your week?

until next time,

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