90's mixtape

as you know, i love a good mix-tape.  i always make one for big trips/events.  i made a best of the nineties mix-tape for this year's girls trip that i have been meaning to share with you for a while now.  i have a memory attached to almost every song.  i would LOVE to hear some of your memories (unless you don't have a memory because you were one year old when the song came out!)  then i'll feel old and have to beat you up after school.

1) dreams- the cranberries
2) set adrift on memory bliss- p.m. dawn
(i love, love, love this song and i swear it still holds up today.  but beware, watching the video will make you feel O.L.D.)
3) shoop- salt n peppa
4) loser- beck
5) little miss can't be wrong- spin doctors
6) say it ain't so- weezer
7) nuthin but a g thang- snoop dog and dr. dre
8) creep- tlc
(this video makes me want to wear enormous silky pajamas.)
9) i got a girl- tripping daisy
10) today- smashing pumpkins
11) lump- presidents of the united states of america
12) hey jealousy- gin blossoms
13) water runs dry- boyz II men

14) mr. jones- counting crows
15) regulators- warren g
16) tyler- toadies
17) o.p.p.- naughty by nature
18) tennessee- arrested development

19) wonderwall- oasis
20) these are the days- 10,000 maniacs

{dang!  arianne, i just remembered i owe you a copy of this.  i'm on it.}


  1. hahaha! So Awesome, i love the 90's! a lot of these remind me of you.. esp. but not limited to.. I got a girl, tripping daisy- AND our old friend Warren G. Awesome mix tape my friend. And good idea to make it old skool! i wanna try!

  2. oh! and toadies.. Especially Toadies!

  3. Um, could you add me to the list of people you need to make a copy for? Thanks! I love these songs mainly because you loved them :)
    Plus... Your mix tapes are always the best!

  4. wonderwall is one of those songs that instantly transports me. i am more connected to that song than almost any other. just a few notes and i'm right back in boarding school, hanging out in the hallway with my English friend, Kate. oh man. now i have to go listen.

  5. dang, now that i know what is on it, i REALLY want it!! i will be in dallas tomorrow and could probably swing by and scoop it up, would that work?? oh yeah, i might need to squeeze that baby too!!