let's just say, if you aren't on pinterest already, you should be.  if you need an invitation to join, i'll hook you up.

recently in blogland i heard of this woman who has decided to make something that she found on pinterest EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR.  this woman has children.  how?  HOW, i say????  check her out.

i have managed to tackle a few 'projects' that i have found on this site of fabulousness.  
so here is my review, 
just for you 
(i'm a poet and don't know it).

1) slime: A-
ours was not this cute but ben loved it.  and i love anything that will occupy his interest for longer than 10 minutes.

2) pulled pork tacos with cilantro ranch: B
the pork was delicious, but the sauce was too sweet for us.  but the ranch, oh my, the ranch.  it was divine.

3) baby photo collage: A
it was actually really easy on picasa.  however, i am having trouble printing it the size i want due to the resolution.  which makes me feel like a dumb-dumb, so it only gets an A instead of an A+.
check out my finished product here.
Source: flickr.com via Cortney on Pinterest

4) oven baked zucchini chips: B+
once again, mine were not this cute.  mine shriveled to the size of silver dollars.  my husband tried to sell these to our dorito/cheeto/frito-loving son as "zu-zu chips", but he wasn't buying it.  we thought they were delicious.

5) dot letters: A
we already had the "dotters", so all i had to do was print (B,E and N).
ben did great but was bored by the time we got to N, which is more indicative of my son than this activity.

6) summer schedule: C
we followed this very loosely.  i need to find one that has a go-to-target-tuesday.

7) stuffed taco shells: A
chris and i loved this one and plan on making it again.  and again.  and maybe again.

8) fluffy falafel: A+
this one was delicious.  i actually formed my falafel patties pretty small and served them on small triangles of naan (like nachos).  we loved it but it was very filling.  so i reheated the leftovers for lunch the next day and ate them wrapped in lettuce leaves (like a wrap).  much better.

9) slow-cooker tikki masala: C
a) it has a lot of ingredients (spices) that only come in handy if you plan on making this specific dish again.
b) taste: meh.
c) leftovers: in the trash.

i've got a couple of things on the menu this week from recipes i found on pinterest.  i'll let you know how it goes.

what has pinterest inspired you to do?
please don't tell me 365 things.



  1. daannnng, i am so impressed that you have tried all of this stuff! i mostly just look in awe about what other people have tried and say, "someday". if i could score an invite for the next taco shell and falafel night, i would greatly appreciate it, thanks!

  2. I LOVE pinterest. If I had a blog, I would totally redo this post and rate my experiments as well. Probably the most successful items are: 1) I started a watercolor/sketch journal, 2) the lemon crinkles were amazing, 3) doughnut muffins-need I say more, 4) the crock pot beef dip sandwiches were super easy and just as tasty, 5) the kale chips were eaten in about 2 minutes.
    I'm saving up my glass bottles for something crafty but haven't figured out yet what I want to do with them. Suggestions?
    BTW, I love that Ben was too smart to fall for "zu-zu" chips. Seriously love that! :)

    Tricia A

  3. Girl you have been a cooking machine! I will def. try the falafel and taco shells but no promises on signing up for pinterest....it looks like a time sucking vortex. :)

  4. I am very impressed! You're totally inspiring me - it's so good to do new things. Wakes up the brain. Keep the ideas coming!

  5. niiiiiiice!!! thanks for sharing! and that wonderwoman with the 365 creations is nuts, unbelievable!


  6. i have a board on pinterest (http://pinterest.com/veggiepants/been-there-done-that/) where i re-pin the things i've tried and cooked. it's nice to see that people are doing and not just looking! =)

  7. and i'm totally going to try a vegan version of the falafel!