greatest hits

hey y'all.  feels like forever since my last greatest hits and quite frankly i am having one of those memory lapses where i can't even remember what i did this morning much less at the beginning of the week {can i still blame things on my hormones?}  so once again, i'll just have to use my pictures to remind me of events passed.  so please forgive me if you were an integral part of our week and aren't mentioned!  if you aren't in a picture, you didn't make the cut.

p.s.  i love you.
p.s.s. omg, thank you for your comments on my blogiversary post.  i can't wait to see who wins the pillow.

alas, our week:

1) guess who signed up for soccer???
 2) marcy helping me beyond words.
 3) gifted tickets to the greatest show on earth.  not sure how i feel about the circus, but i do know my boy sure does love some elephants (still).
 4) a visit from the blond beauties, ellie and her momma.

{she pulled up a chair to sing 'where is thumpkin?' i almost died.}

5) a successful trip to the mall for storytime.  and i didn't even look in the direction of j. crew this time.
 6) goo-gooing and ga-gaing with cros.
7) visiting kelly and baby joe (no pictures because i remembered all by myself.  it was today, mind you.)

 looking forward to: devouring the pound cake that is currently baking in my oven, sitting outside in the...get this...89 degree temps right now, seeing the help tonight, and a 24-hour jaunt to see some of my favorite people in college station on saturday.

how was your week?

until next time,


  1. well, if you need any help deciding on how you feel about the circus, be sure to hit me up. :) i won't hammer you with details but i will tell you that one of their elephants collapsed this week while being loaded on the trains after the show. tiny, incredibly hot, cargo train compartments. can you imagine how heartbreaking it is to see an elephant fall down? :(

  2. oh a happier note, if you have a kiddo that loves elephants, the elephant sanctuary in TN has a wonderful website, with lots of great stories and pictures. they even have three or live webcams! check it out.

  3. awe, the help. So loved that book!

  4. chris read about that and passed it along last night. breaks my heart. good to know about www.elephants.com. he will LOVE it. thanks :)

  5. just so you know where my head is at, my first thought at the end of this post was, "Mmmmmm...POUND CAKE." Looks like another awesome week for your cutie pie family!

  6. I want some pound cake please.