greatest hits

here are a few things that made my week:

1) a naptime that looks like this.  sadly, it seems as though naptime is on it's way out the door, although i am still hanging on to it for dear life.  in this picture, naptime is saying, "oh yeah? are you so sure you want me to stick around???  
f-you, lady!!!" 
2) gymnastics camp.  every friday in august ben goes to swing on ropes and jump on trampolines with his buddies.  afterwards he tells me things like, "momma, now that was a fun day."
3) a 24-hour mini-college-reunion in college station.  you know you are old when the 'party girl' of your group brings her tiny dog and carries it around in a fanny pack.

{we may be old, but we can still take care of some business.}

4) a growth-spurt.  this kid demolished a bowl of edamame, tempura, rice and ice cream cone.  how are we supposed to survive the teenage years when boys drink a gallon of milk a day?  omg.
5) making slime.  i found this recipe on pinterest.  it was fast, cheap and easy.  craft trifecta.

6) daddy coming home from work.  all he has to do is smile at us and we are puddy in his hands.

looking forward to a steak dinner, checking out the new h&m, and a possible movie night.

how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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  1. hahahahahaha, that naptime picture is PRICELESS! and, of course, angel in the bag made me laugh out loud too~