over on c. jane's blog, she has asked her friends to write about marriage.  how and when you meet your mate is different for everyone, and this particular post about a man meeting his wife in high school has stuck with me although his story is very different than my own.

i just think his words are beautiful.

here is a taste:

"Jayne was the nicest young person I'd ever met when the notes we passed in the halls between classes turned into lengthy epistles. She was funny, too. And recently blooming into her young womanhood. I could find her face among the thousands as we shuffled between the lockers, and when she slowed to hand me a letter, the dull flurry of color behind my ribs exploded and shivered in my cheeks and finger tips. I slipped into a bathroom stall and inhaled the perfume that had escaped her wrists as they slid across the  paper."

"The other night over dinner we mourned the excitement of passing each other in the halls at school. It wasn't that long ago that her letters twisted me into knots and sneaking a kiss in the auditorium gave me a high that should have been illegal, but some days it feels like a lifetime ago. But trade that for the peace of waking up next to her? Of raising the kids with her that we made together? Trade it for nights in tears about bills or the loss of a job, the white-knuckled prayers on our knees together? If I could have another first kiss in exchange for a second of what we have now, I wouldn't take it.

Never. No never, no never."

read the rest here.

Source: imgfave.com via Cortney on Pinterest
        {pardon the language, but i just love this so much.}

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