greatest hits

1) calling nana and papa in new york using facetime (is that it's name?) on chris' iphone.  it's a pretty big deal for us non-skypers.
2) getting a bumbo chair for crosby (we never had one for ben).  he looks like a new man sitting up like that.
3) a perfect saturday.  it started at the deep ellum outdoor market (why i chose a day in august with a high of 107 for our first time, i'll never understand.  if it is that fantastic in august, i can't wait to see it in october).  it was small but awesome.  grandpa bought ben a globe for his room, we met some pretty talented local artists (like this guy),
i bought one of these (from here) for each of my boys, because let's be honest, they are both my favorite.
we then headed to the farmers market to eat at pecan lodge.
oh my word, for the love of pete, if you live in the metroplex, please go here as fast as you can and order the brisket.  i kinda can't stop thinking about it.
after lunch, we took a stroll through shed two, where lo and behold my little hippie found a bongo and someone to play with.  before you know it, i'll blink and he'll be on phish tour.

4) another successful pinterest project.

5) another photoshoot.  my oldest child is really good at naming his emotions.  so much so, at times he will roam around the house crying and screaming, "i am soooo sad!" (where would he ever get that from???)  we like to ask him if he is the president of the drama club.  to which he responds with blank stares.  

6) helping marcy move out of her house today.  ben watched looney toons, i scrubbed the fridge, marcy vacuumed, and crosby took a nap on the floor.  we will do anything for a free lunch marcy.

looking forward to: a full day of work at my new job and movie date night (finally!)

how was your week?
what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

p.s. sweet arianne.  i am sorry we didn't make it.  don't give up on me yet!


  1. i love their little faces!! and that brisket! What is your new job?

  2. no worries, i feel certain that one day soon we will figure out a time!

  3. looks like a great weekend! that brisket looks yummy. 2 foods i am most looking forward to are mexican and good 'ol texas bbq. dekel and i saw bad teacher last night for a movie date night, it was pretty cute.

  4. Thank you for scrubbing the fridge! Couldn't have done all this without you two~