summer dreams, ripped at the seams

you know it's bad when it's too hot to swim.  doesn't mother nature know that i have a tiny baby and a very active three-year old that is out of school for the entire month of august?  couldn't this record-breaking heat streak have waited a bit?  summer is the time we should be frolicking around the arboretum, or traipsing around the zoo, or taking family walks in the evening, right?  wrong.

today we went to the mall, which is good for several reasons:
* it's the best mall in the world.
* it's air-conditioned.
* they have children's activities scheduled throughout the summer {musicians, magic shows, etc.}
* mrs. field's cookies {especially the white chocolate macadamia nut}.
* wide open spaces.

but not-so-good for other reasons, one in particular:
*i'm broke.

which was all fine and good until i accidentally looked through the windows of j. crew and spotted this shirt:
and these pants {should've hung on to those jeans i had in eighth grade that were the same color.  dang!}
then while looking for images to post here, i found this dress.  ugh, it's perfect.

if it weren't 149 degrees outside, i would be at the zoo with my family instead of the mall, and i wouldn't even know about these clothes which only remind me of the money we don't have to spend on such things right now.

i hate you heat-wave.

i hope the rest of you are finding more productive ways to stay cool.

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  1. It's pretty bad when you can't go to the park after 9:00am. We have to cram in all activity before that, and then I am kind of at a loss. Just today I was contemplating the mall, but I was struck by the fear - so broke yet so many cute things at j. crew. Remember when J. Crew sucked for a while? I wish they would go back to that. I totally feel you on this heat. Not so good for that mamas and babies at home.