i love my city

i love dallas, i do.  which is good considering i have been here for over thirty years.  my friend sherry is a transplant from west texas, but after living here for 9 years, has discovered she is a city girl at heart.  click here to read her list of the 25 things she loves about dallas.  i loved her list, so i copied her!  imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

25 things i love about dallas, in no particular order:
1- christmas buffet at neiman-marcus downtown {holiday tradition at it's finest}
2- good 2 go taco {my addicition to their egg and potato taco keeps me out of skinny jeans}
3- northpark mall {shopping along side sculptures and warhols.  best.mall.ever.}
4- bob armstrong dip {heaven on a tortilla chip.  read more about it here}
5- the all-good cafe {their motto: like going to austin without passing through waco}
6- bishop arts district {eno's, tillman's, zen sushi, lockhart, bolsa...just a few of our faves}
7- dallas flea 
8- stan's blue note {cold beer in mason jars}
9- the dubliner {bloody mary heaven}
10- white rock coffee {who needs starbucks when you can buy local?}
11- tc shaved ice {the best thing on a hot summer day since ice delight}
12- dairy-ette {greasy burgers, homemade root-beer, carhops.  an east dallas institution}
13- adair's {a honky-tonk hole-in-the-wall in the heart of the big city.  delicious burgers, btw}
14- white rock local market {a grassroots market just blocks from our house}
15- the great state fair of texas {big tex, corny dogs, the midway, oh my!}
16- white rock lake {although we don't utilize it like we should, it sure is nice to have it in our backyard}
17- the farmers market {ruibal's and bettye's tomatoes.  enough said}
18- wild about harry's {coconut custard with hot fudge, please.}
19- 91.7 kxt {dallas' newest--and most awesome-- listener-supported radio station}
20- hotel belmont {perfect stay-cation destination with the best views of the city}
21- dallas museum of art {especially the new center for creative connections}
22- nasher sculpture center {their sculpture garden makes art approachable}
23- pizza getti {a no-frills family favorite.  best pizza crust in town.}
24- jimmy's italian market {if you make jimmy's meatballs at your next dinner party, your guests will never want to leave, i promise}
25- gloria's {beans, patio, mojitos, beans.  did i mention the beans?}

yes, this list makes it clear that we love to eat and drink.  i could do a top 25 on local eats alone!

locals, i am dying to know your favorite places.   please, share.


  1. Oh YAY! This list makes me SO happy!! I cannot wait to try out all the new {to me} places on this list! So glad I have you, my Dallas-born-and-raised friend, to lead me to what will be some new favorites, I'm sure :)

    PS- I can't believe I didn't put All Good Cafe on my list- I went there after you mentioned it on fb a long time ago. Best Chicken Fried Steak Ever. Yum!

  2. oh man, this made me real homesick for Dallas! i'll try one for Chicago. xo

  3. ::cough:: #26 Greenville Avenue Pizza Co.