bits and pieces

i made a discovery as i was trying to write this week's greatest hits.  i have no memory.  i guess a part of me had a sneaking suspicion that my memory was shot, but it became apparent when i couldn't remember this week's events simply because i didn't take many pictures.  it appears as though the memory card on my camera has replaced my actual memory.  i am only 31 years old.  pathetic.

this weekend had the potential of being really exciting and full, but due to a series of circumstances, it ended up really low-key, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  we finally saw watched the blindside.  i do remember that much!

i am looking forward to a few things in the coming week:

*a baby shower for kelly and the sweet baby in her belly.
*taking my boy to see a billion pumpkins here.
*figuring out how to make this.  for some reason this season makes me want to be martha stewart.  correction: this season makes me want my house to look like martha stewart's house. (great catalog, btw.  but apparently it only exists for rich hippies.  which i am not.)

i promise to take more pictures this week so i will at least have something to include in next week's greatest hits.  for now, here are a couple to tide the grandparents over :)

ben in his daddy's undershirt.
a conversation with ruby.
"turtle time" a.k.a. quiet reading time (something he picked up at school. momma's not complaining!)

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