greatest hits

man oh man, lately i have been in a glass-half-empty, worrywart, stress-ball kind of funk.  that all changed last week when we received some really good news.  and although worrying is still my #1 hobby, the black cloud that had taken residence above my head has since moved on.  hallelujah.

so with a much better attitude, i present you with this week's greatest hits:

1) we ran out of coffee last wednesday and didn't realize it until the next morning (bummer).  which meant ben and i piled in the car with jammies still on for a trip to the drive-thru of our local coffee shop for the most delicious chai tea latte and blueberry scones.
2) while i savored my chai, ben requested his own coffee (warm milk) to savor during sesame street.
3) a farewell trip to the state fair.  bye-bye big tex and corny dogs.  see you next year.
4) a spontaneous date night to the ballpark in arlington to see our texas rangers play (and lose to) the new york yankees in the alcs play-offs.  chris is a recovering yankees fan and has since decided to root for his hometown heroes, but he was like a kid in the candy store seeing nolan ryan, hamilton AND jeter all in the same ballpark.
5) i am having a love affair with the pancakes at all good cafe.  don't worry, chris already knows.

6) our big guy picked out this big guy as our first pumpkin of the season.
 7) a baby shower for the beautiful lady on the left.  we spoiled her with gifts, candy and pizza (her favorites).  our girlfriends have managed to forgive her for not finding out the sex of her baby.
 8) cuddle-time with my little boy.  those that know him well know that he's not a cuddler unless he is sick.  although witnessing my husband covered in vomit and cleaning up the puddle left on the couch (tmi?) was not the highlight of our week, snuggling the sickly baby was definitely the silver lining.

9) celebrating the birthday of this seven-year old show-off with nan's homemade ice cream.

now to keep my mind off of those pancakes, i think i'll go indulge in a bowl of blue bell cookies-n-cream.

until next week,
the end.


  1. i love the pic of you and ben at the fair. looks like a framer. can i download from this blog or do i have to go to picassa?

  2. thanks! you know, i am not sure about uploading from the blog, but i bet you can somehow. i haven't uploaded these to picasa yet. i'll let you know when i do.

  3. Black Cloud: BE GONE!!!
    And I hope the rest of you stayed well. Vomit is my least favorite part of parenthood. Love y'all!

  4. Love them on the couch....when is the next date?