greatest hits

i have been a worrier lately/my entire life. (i get it honestly, thanks dad.) things completely outside of my control have been stressing me out.  so much so that chris has to rub the tension knots out of my shoulders every night.  so i welcome my greatest hits this week.  reflection does the body good, don't you think?

1) my favorite thing about football season is also my least favorite thing.  chris is gone every monday night to watch monday night football with his fantasy football league (boo), which means i get to watch dancing with the stars all by myself (yay).  it's the little things, people.

2) corny dogs for dinner. (sorry, romina!)

3) watching this guy ride his first ride.

4) a trip to east texas with the family to help pawpaw find the graves of his siblings (which he saw for the first time in over forty years).

5) lunch at hunky's with my hunks (who says that anymore?)  we were there to check out the urban street bazaar for christmas ideas.

6) saturday night with these two.  pictured below before bedtime with 'night-night' and 'gankie'.

7) riding the dart rail with this train-loving toddler.

8) it's fall.  the weather has been in the seventies.  i busted out the fall decorations.  windows open.  harvest scented candles lit.  i am resisting the urge to bake.  and the only reason we don't have pumpkins or mums yet is because i am waiting to get paid :)  fall is my new favorite season.

until next week,
the end.

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  1. Some of your pictures wouldn't load, and I have a sneaking suspicion that one might be of Ben and Ellie...in which case I need to see it stat!!

    And...Hunky's....oh, Hunky's... OMG. Go there and get their sweet potato pecan pie. You thought you could die a happy woman? Now you know that you cannot, not until you have this pie.