parenting is such a ride sometimes. there are moments we look at our son, whose DNA we share, as someone we barely recognize. chris and i are cautious people. sometimes i think that came with adulthood, but the more i think about it, i always remember being afraid of something. getting hurt, getting in trouble, getting lost, the dark.
chris is the same way. we sure can bend a rule, but we rarely break them. then there is ben. he shows no sign of this fear yet.
he runs full speed away from us into crowds of people. he hops on rides, having never ridden a ride before, by himself.  he rarely cares about a consequence.  thinking about him as a teenager scares us to death.
but for now, it makes us proud.  i am so grateful he is not the child clinging to our legs in fear.  he is ready to experience life head-on.  great memories are made that way.

* i have updated an album of pictures from september.  feel free to check them out here.

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  1. Great pictures Cort! I love that proud mama face in the third one. ;)