music twin

tim penrod is one of chris's best friends from college. he lives in nearby allen with his wife julie(one of my favorite people) and two precious little girls, ella and avery. chris and tim are on the same fantasy football league, so during football season they get to hang out every monday night. chris loves it because tim is one of his favorite people.

and as it turns out, tim is one of my favorite people as well. but for different reasons.

you see, tim is my music twin.

after getting to know each other through chris over the years, tim and i have discovered we have similar taste in music. and being the sweetheart he is, tim always lets me know what he's currently listening to because he knows that i'll like it.

we drove up to allen yesterday to visit with our sweet friends. they have a newborn that we (i) desperately needed to sniff and snuggle. not only did i sniff and snuggle a newborn, i also left with new music. that's what i call a good visit.

tim burned me the new ryan bingham album. tim is obsessed with him, but he is new to us considering we are some of the only people left in america who still haven't seen the movie crazy heart. ryan bingham is the genius behind the music in that movie. me likey.

i love me some ray lamontagne. and so does tim. i scored his new album as well. thanks, tim. i am a sucker for a good slide guitar.

my dilemma with new music is the simple fact that we are broke as a joke. the last thing i think of spending ten bucks on these days is an album on itunes. sad, but true. so i make lists. i write down songs i hear on kxt or artists that i read about while i wait for that magical day when i win the lottery and buy every song that tickles my fancy. and that's alot of songs, my friends. my list is LONG. 

these songs are on my radar:

i listened to this song on olivia's blog and fell in love. with the song, NOT the video. it's pretty bad.

my taste is all over the place, i know this. but you can never go wrong with the roots. and chris and i both have a thing for jim james (of my morning jacket). the new roots is on my list, as is monsters of folk. sigh.

let's just say that if i were twelve years old, i would have a serious case of "bieber fever". what a cutie-pie. and yes, kanye west is a jerk. but his music is gooooooood. it helps me run on the treadmill, therefore he is a miracle-worker. cannot wait for his new one.

what music is on your radar? i would love to know what is on your list. maybe tim and i have a triplet out there we never knew about!

i must sign out now. sesame street is over and my son is doing somersaults off of the couch.


  1. i just borrowed the ryan bingham cd from a running buddy! will devour it this weekend. will have to check out the others.

    thanks for the tips! =) happy listening.

  2. i would like to add ryan bingham to my wish list from your itunes. thanks!

  3. zach and i love ryan bingham as well. don't have his new cd, but we have bought a few of his songs.
    p.s. i was going through our cd book the other day to change out the cds in my car. i came across a "mix tape" you made me for one of my travels to aggieland. it is all i have been listening to lately.
    thank you for sharing good music.
    i love you lots!

  4. hey cort...LOVE the post!! we loved having you all over on Wednesday! ben is just adorable and you and chris looked so comfortable holding baby Ella :) we wish you could have stayed for dinner with us so we could catch up more. i will definitely give you a call on a thursday so we can get together with the kiddos.

    love you guys!!