greatest hits

*i now introduce you to my list: greatest hits, featuring the most memorable bits of my week. if i don't write them down, i just may forget them. see, aren't lists handy?

1) going to see the dave matthews band for the bazillionth time of my life (it's habit at this point :) with my sister, her husband, marcy and chris. can't you see dave in the background? haha.

2) yoga in the park for two of my bravest friends, marcy and emily. they are participating in the susan g. komen 3-day walk in november and have each committed to raising a lot of money and walking 60 miles in three days. this yoga class was a fundraiser and was lots of fun.

3) a test run of this year's halloween costume. unfortunately, it ran a little small.
4) grabbing a snack at the farmers market.
5) these women. mother and daughter. the only picture in existence where they are both smiling. this one is for the books.

6) my sweet cousin at her very first gymnastics meet. she came in seventh overall. way to go, kami!

7) this boy after a very successful trip to the museum. read all about it here.

8) meeting my husband for lunch here and splitting this wedge salad. oh, baby. so good.

until next week:
the end.


  1. Sounds like a great week! I have to say I've never understood the wedge salad...I'd rather they just go ahead and tear it up for me...I'm more a chopped salad kinda girl. ;) Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. oh, but jami.... we wedge salad is super cold and super crunchy. it doesn't hurt that it is slathered in homemade blue cheese dressing. :)

  3. I have really come around on the wedge. I almost like that I have to cut it with a knife and fork, it makes me feel more in control of my bite. And, I do think they slather the wedge with more dressing than your traditional salad, bring on those calories!! Delish!