center for creative connections

wow. wow. wow.
ben and i spent my first day off since i started back to work at the museum of art.  our membership makes it incredibly easy to run up there for an hour or so.
the DMA just opened the center for creative connections.  i (we) fell in love with the space because: 
a) it is child-centered.
b) it allows the entire family to interact with the art.
c) it is visually stunning.
d) it allows the students to make art while observing art.  genius.

to be perfectly honest, ben might be a little young to enjoy all aspects of this space.  but it is sooooo exciting to me that a space like this exists.  i wasn't able to check it all out as much as i would've liked, considering taking a toddler to a museum is always a gamble.  my eyes are on him the whole time, not really on much else.  but i must say, practice makes perfect.  ben stayed with me (for the most part), held my hand (most of the time), and only touched one painting!  not too shabby.  we even enjoyed an outdoor picnic in the courtyard.  it was a good, good day.

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