greatest hits

can you tell i started back at work this week?!?!  i originally planned on writing my greatest hits the same day every week, but so far that's just not happening.  life happens, right?

i now present you with this weeks greatest hits:

1) chris makes a cappuccino on occasion as a little afternoon pick-me-up.  he steams some milk for ben and they enjoy their afternoon "coffee" together.
2) keaton's birthday party complete with balloon dinosaurs, t-rex face paint, and a surprise visit from elmo.  a toddler boy's heaven.  happy second birthday, keaton!

3) grandpa reading our little monkey a bedtime story.
4) feeding the geese at white rock lake.
5) my husband thinks he's shaq.  he entertains me.
6) meeting and snuggling brand new ella penrod.  ben was never this small, by the way.  what an angel baby.  congrats to tim, julie and avery!
7) yippee, yippee, yay, yay!  going to the state fair of texas on opening day.  more on that later.

8) a new favorite book, dinosaurs love underpants, illustrated by this cool guy.

until next week,
the end.

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