greatest hits

this week's greatest hits was hard to edit. this week was just that good. and so were the pictures (not listed in order). here we go:

1) ben started school today. look at his best friend brody running to greet him! reunited and it feels so good...

2) an outing to the greatest mall on the planet where
ben became one with the art. it makes the art teacher in me very proud :)

3) a trip to the lake for labor day. pure relaxation. cooking out, over-eating, laying out, napping, watching ben play with his grandparents and great-grandparents, and riding in the boat. good stuff.

4) the third, and final going-away get-together honoring sarah and travis. they actually left yesterday, but ALL of their furniture left a few days before, so we invited them over to sit on ours. this time our friends came over, brought the kids, we ordered pizza and hung out. it was a blast watching the ben, maggie and baby ellie pop bubbles and read books to each other.
later the same evening, our friend kyle happened to be in town to play a gig. he lives in austin and is a professional drummer. he played at the really rad kessler theater in oak cliff (with this artist). us girls snuck away from the party to see our friend make some really good music.

5) my own personal yogi, melissa. melissa just completed her yoga teacher certification and is offering donation-only yoga classes in her home. she says she needs the practice, yet i beg to differ. marcy, melissa's husband bryant and i twisted, stretched, contorted, and sweat like there was no tomorrow for over an hour in a small studio. i am a sweaty mess as it is, so needless to say i almost flooded the room. i took a picture to prove it. it was awesome.

6) a trip to the park with the boys. we played, threw things in the lake, picked up sticks, spun in circles. you know, the usual.

7) a trip to the zoo with my little man. he was a little more interested in the bronze animal sculptures than the actual living and breathing animals. probably because he could ride the sculptures.

until next week,
the end.

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  1. This last pic of Ben on the elephant, he looks Knight! Reminds me of Jason.