the great state fair of texas

it's finally here.  dallasites anxiously await for the state fair's arrival every year.  we associate it with cooler weather (appropriately called "fair weather"), livestock, blue ribbons, fried morsels of goodness, football, butter sculptures, and big tex.  children of north texas even get a day off of school with free admission to attend the state fair.  part of the dallas culture.

this year is a special one.  ben is old enough to eat his own fletcher's corny dog.  and my nan-nan won a blue ribbon for her blackberry jelly.  that's a big deal in these parts!!!  she is practically state fair royalty in our eyes.  she also won third place for a mosiac mirror she made.  i told her she should set up a table and sign autographs, but i don't think she's going for that.
yesterday was opening day and we went for a dinner that consisted of a corny dog, fried frito pie (DELISH!), fried texas "caviar" (meh), jack's fries, and a cinnamon roll.  yep, you heard that right.  i forgot to mention that our great state fair is also associated with weight gain and heart attacks.  but we don't mind.  we love it, and even though it just began, we are sad at the thought of it coming to an end.

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  1. please take me with you next week....i am afraid it is going to pass me by and i definitely want to try that fried frito pie!