music nerds

chris and i are music nerds.  it is one of the many things we have in common.  my taste is a bit all over the place, while his is more specific.  collectively, our brains are filled with enough useless knowledge about bands/musicians to win that awesome musical jeopardy game that used to air on vh1 back in the day.  man, where is that show now?  we could win some monies!
i like to blame it on having waaaaaaay too much time on my hands in college. instead of going to baseball games, working out at the rec center, studying in the library, getting involved in some of the hundreds of student organizations, i watched a thousand episodes too many of vh1's behind the music.  it could also have something to do with the music magazines we read and our long-standing love/hate relationship with mtv.  chris will say he hates it, but i know the truth.  we are 31 and still watching the real world, for crying out loud!  when will it end?  will i be a 60 year old guiltily watching twenty year olds make out in hot tubs on tv?  hopefully i'll grow up between now and then.
we caught the latest top 100 artists of all time on vh1 this weekend.  of course it was a marathon, and of course we had to watch the entire thing.  it seems like they come up with a new version of the same list every few years.  and although i may not agree with the list order, it does remind me that i might need to switch things up on my ipod every now and again.

the list reminded me of my love for fleetwood mac.  they have the best behind the music ever.  drama for your mama.

ben went through an otis redding phase at around a year old.  he's an early bloomer.  i will never tire of mr. redding.

peter gabriel is so odd.  but his music is just so beautiful.  i had a hard time picking out which video to post.  he'll be back in my rotation stat.

(nanan, if you are reading this, skip this video.  you'll hate it.)  it's just so, so good, and i'll never change my mind. this song makes me want to drive around with the music loud.  and dance around in my gangsta saturn vue hybrid like the 31 year white mom that i am.  holla.

see, told ya my taste was all over the place.


  1. I just watch MTV to sit on the couch with you. ;) love you

  2. i will drive around with you listening to that biggie song with the windows down and the music turned up loud...let's go without the kiddos!!!

  3. Mmm-mmm some Biggie!! Love it!!

    And...put whatever adjective you want in front of the word, but NERDS---you definitely are :):):))