greatest hits

1) a birthday dinner with my girls.  complete with a patio and gloria's bean dip.  happy birthday, jenn!

2) watching my handsome husband run (and do really, really well) in a 5k.  followed by lunch at all good cafe (no pancakes this time), and a quick stop at our neighborhood halloween carnival.

3) finally making it to one of ryan and emily's famous halloween parties.  pictured below are marcy the hippie and ryan the bp oil spill worker (the host with the most).  seriously, this party is ridiculous.  cannot wait for next year's.
jesse james and kat von d even made an appearance.

4)  a little pumpkin painting.  can you guess who painted each pumpkin?
5) our new foster frog, zach (originally named nanan).  my friend jenn teaches fourth grade at my school and her class just completed a science lesson on frogs and their habitats.  each frog was adopted out to a student upon completion of the lesson.  well, a fourth grade criminal stole a frog and stored it in a cottage cheese container under his bed.  needless to say, his mother was none too happy at the discovery of this frog in her home.  the poor starving frog was promptly returned to school.  and now we have a frog.  poor guy is clinging to life.  i keep telling ben that zach the frog is "sleeping".  ben doesn't seem to mind one bit.  he got so excited watching his new friend float that he spit in the fishbowl.  i had to promptly explain that spitting is not allowed.
6) hearing a precious heartbeat for the first time.

7) explaining to the sweet little wild man below that babies grow in mommies' bellies.

until next time,
the end.


  1. those are definitely some greatest hits! love you bonners :)

  2. sounds like a great week sister! love yall!