greatest hits

let's just say that "pregnancy brain" does not make me feel like the sharpest tool in the shed.  so here is my attempt to remember (with the aid of photos, of course) the events of the past week.

1) i took of 1/2 a day of work to go to ben's class halloween party.  super-cute, indeed. (pictured below: our ghost toasts; and ben the elephant with his best bud, dr. brody.)

 2) i got to moonlight as kat von d's (aka my sister's) personal temporary tattoo artist.  doesn't she look like a badass?
 3) isn't pumpkin-carving supposed to be fun?  well, when you try to carve a white pumpkin, carving turns into a full-body workout.  we learned that white pumpkins have walls of cement.  keep that in mind when you buy your pumpkins next year! 
 4) these two besties reunited at last.  they managed to play with every toy in the house AND eat about a dozen cookies each.  no means yes when they're together.  we got together to celebrate travis's homecoming.  his sweet wife sarah flew him home to see his beloved rangers play in the world series.  chris was over the moon because he got to tag along to the final game with his dear friend. 
 5) watching maggie trying to figure out how that baby got into kelly's belly.
 6) trick-or-treating with our little elephant.  this is my favorite picture of the night.  ben couldn't figure out why he couldn't just barge right into mimi's house like normal.  he didn't understand that he couldn't come in until grandpa found the candy :)

7) when it's cold and rainy, chris and i want one thing: pho. vietnamese soul food.  yummmmmmmm.

yay!  i did it.
until next time,
the end.

*october picture album found here.

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