greatest hits

1) friday night lights at a lake highlands high school football game.  free tickets thanks to coach brown.  
even though the babes didn't make it til halftime, they had a blast running in circles, sharing snacks, and dancing to the band.
it was a crisp fall night and it smelled like teen spirit.  good times.
2) cheering on our two main girls, emily and marcy, during the susan g. komen 3-day walk for the cure.  we caught up with them at around mile 30 out of 60.
 3) capturing this kid's curiosity on camera. [pardon the finger]
 4) a much needed trip to matt's rancho martinez, minus a margarita.
 5) a weekend of big, homemade breakfasts.
 6) return of the glass (i just got that song 'return of the mack' in my head.....).  our gorgeous leaded glass from our daytonia house was installed in our current house by the oh-so-talented steve thompson.  this deserves it's own blog post.
 7) the littlest of my boys finally got a haircut.  thanks, mimi.

until next time,
the end.


  1. oh my goodness, that picture of benny at matts....he looks so grown up and too stinkin cute!

  2. Oh my gosh, I just miss you guys so much! I can't handle Ellie right now, she is changing every time I see a picture, she's so dreamy!! Adorable--Ben and "Baby Ellie" at a football game together. I love you guys so much, and I need you to start writing twice a day, please and thank you...:)

  3. These are great....where was the one of you twirling ben and straining to lift him up? I bet those were verrrry cute!!!
    sarah, i agree...great stuff!

  4. i'm following you non-secretly now, Cort :) My goodness...Ben, Maggie, Ellie...all these cutie pies melt my heart!