greatest hits

1) finding this boy asleep anywhere other than his bed.  most of the time it's frustrating, but sometimes it's just plain funny.
2) date night with my handsome husband.  diner AND a movie???  say what???
icing on the cake, we found a delicious thai place that is cheap and it delivers. (my panang curry pictured below.  it's o.k., be jealous....)
3) the most productive christmas shopping day with marcy.  we did some serious damage at the greatest christmas market we have been to in a looooong time.  we had her snap this classic family picture of us when she dropped by to pick me up.
4) laughing at this boy.  he was late to school the other day because he refused to get out of his "cave".
(and here he is another day {late again!} reading to his friend the elephant.)
5) snapping this picture because it captures some of my favorite things.  this room, those paintings, the lighting, and that precious boy.
6) a last-minute family dinner at my parent's house complete with my grandparents and my momma's delicious chicken tetrazinni.

7) channeling my inner martha, by making some really cute hand-made christmas presents.  i feel frugal, productive, and creative.  not too shabby.

8) rediscovering my fierce love for late 80's/early 90's country music while filing through my mom's out-of-control itunes music library.  i made a stack of oldie, but goodie discs.  my favorite being steve wariner's greatest hits.  i know, this small obsession wouldn't appear to mesh well with my intense love for a tribe called quest.  but so far the two are coexisting happily.

this might just be my favorite country song ever.  (close runners up: neon moon by brooks-n-dunn,  i'll think of something by mark chestnutt, anything by the judds or keith whitley.  and don't even get me started on dwight yoakum :)


  1. GOOD CALL...on Steve Wariner...I am downloading now into my already excessive country music collection. :)

  2. these pictures are awesome (especially the one of ben naked in the greeen room)! great post this week~

  3. great post sis! we certainly share a love of 80/90's counrty music! maybe i should hit up mom's collection...

  4. ahhhh.. Neon Moon.. such memories . xoxo

  5. Oh I just love naked Ben pics! This poor generation growing up with blogger parents...they are exposed in a whole new way.