thanksgiving greatest hits

{first of all, i would like to start by thanking all of my sweet readers for your encouraging and honest responses to the post about my ben woes.  it truly made me feel better and was one giant reminder that i am loved and just another parent going through the things parents go through. i promise to keep being honest, if y'all promise to keep reading.  y'all are the best.  i mean it.}

i stayed home from work today due to this coughy, sneezy, drippy, headachy, congestion thing i've got going on.  not excited to be sick, but excited to have a reason to stay home, upload pictures, and blog.

this week's greatest hits takes place primarily in rome, georgia.  and for that, i am thankful.

1) i am also thankful for this picture.  see those cute kids on the stage?  that is ben's class ready to perform in the thanksgiving program at his school.  see ben?  he's refusing to participate because his daddy is in the audience and he only wants to sit by him.  screw singing.
2) i am thankful that (although i had to work) my dad and chris attended ben's thanksgiving feast and "performance".  when i was a little girl, my dad and my pawpaw would come eat lunch at school with me on special occasions.  i felt incredibly special.  i hope ben did, too.
3) i am thankful that our family from all over the country can reunite for a few days to make memories that will last forever.
4) i am thankful for our very first niece.  she is a born care-taker.  she is a true first-born.  sweet, serious at times, and beautiful.  a ballerina and a big-sister.  she makes sure ben is well-taken care of.  and as you can see, he adores her.
5) i am thankful for this little girl.  she sparkles.  she loves to laugh, dance and be silly.  a sensitive communicator.  she sounds like a 3 year old scarlett o'hara. 
6) i am thankful for this hug.  {look at that smile}  ben has NO regard for other people's personal space.  thank goodness caroline doesn't mind.
7) i am thankful for the perfect fall weather that graced us during our trip.  the cold front may have caused this cough, but it complimented the colors of the leaves perfectly.
8) i am thankful for our ONLY and most perfect baby nephew.  he is the type of baby that allows you to kiss and snuggle him to death.  he doesn't mind his personal space being invaded!  he is observant and gorgeous.   look at him.
9) i am thankful for family traditions.  cookie decorating is serious business during the holidays.
10) i am thankful for restaurants with creative decor and an equally creative menu.  this chandelier is made out of spoons.
11)  i am thankful for ben's fun aunt.  you know, the kind of aunt that squirts reddi-whip straight out of the can into your mouth.  that's how memories are made.
12) i am thankful for this gorgeous bed and breakfast.  staying there made us feel very southern, in more of an elegant way (and less of a hillbilly way).
13) i am thankful for these siblings.  although they don't get to see each other often and when they do, they are busy chasing after children, they are best friends.  i wish we all lived a little closer to each other.

i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

until next time,

thanksgiving pictures here.

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  1. wow. i don't know what to say besides 'thank you'. thanks for the long trip for a short stay, thanks for bringing me my brother, my nephew, my "yet-to-be-determined" family member, my ONLY SISTER, and such wonderful memories! and thanks for capturing it for us through pictures and words. you're the best and this house is a little empty this week without y'all!