driving songs

i heard this song on the radio the other day on my way to work (thanks, kxt.), and as it turns out, i can sing just like tracy chapman as well.  i felt a bit like tom cruise's character in jerry maguire, singing tom petty at the top of his lungs.

hearing this song reminds me of a few things: a) how mildly obsessed i was with this entire cd in high school (you know, during my required indigo girls/tori amos/ sarah mclaughlin phase.) b) how the lyrics will likely break your heart and c) how this might just be one of the best driving songs ever.

what are your favorite driving songs?  yes, you.  y'all have been awfully quiet around here lately.  speak up, people!  i am feeling lonely.


  1. hmmmm....landslide (prefer dc since i sing just like natalie but stevie's version works too), closer to fine, solsbury hill, the 80's mixed cd boy kelly made me, anything kings of leon, and the list could go on and on...
    maybe you should make a cd with all the driving songs that get listed for our little roadtrip this weekend :)

  2. You've got me thinking...Mary Chapin Carpenter, I Take My Chances...Tripping Billies, DMB...Southbound 35, Pat Green...The Cure, Friday I'm in Love...The Bellamy Brothers...Merle Haggard, Poison. I guess I need two lists, country & not country. So fun, maybe I will make a driving tunes list for my flight tomorrow.

  3. OMG, agreed... on all.. i just heard Indigo girls- closer to fine in the car the other day.. sang at the top of my lungs.- we are the same.

  4. Simon and Garfunkel's "Homeward Bound" and (who else?) Norah Jones' "Long way home".