greatest hits- catching up

having these photos just sit in my iphoto library makes me feel guilty.  how else are the grandparents going to see these if i don't post them?  right?
thanks for humoring me.
 two of a kind.
 post-soccer game patio dining.
 pumpkin patch.
 goodfriends burger.  omg.
 getting our hands dirty.
 the finished products.

 peek-a-boo baby.
 a naptime that never made it to the bedroom.
 little monster.
 playdate with ben's gf.
 matt's patio.
 crazy pumpkin.
 mummies and ghosts for dinner.
 baby's first halloween.
one helluva songwriter.

whew!  i feel better now.  i am looking forward to a wedding weekend (out-of-town sans children!)/mini-college reunion.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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