greatest hits

i have been so busy, *get this*, making christmas presents today, that i almost forgot to blog.  call me martha stewart.  just kidding, please don't call me that.  she creeps me out.

anywho, here is a picture recap of our week.  enjoy!

 play-date success.
 does anyone besides me take pictures of their children crying?  i can't help myself.
 pj's and cookies at school.
 watching his shadow.
 he has no idea how much he is loved.
 best buddies.
 lazy weekend afternoons.
 we finally met baby knox.
 his sister keaton was macking on ben, but he had none of that.
 food....finally!  he loves it, can you tell?
 bath-time buds.
 crosby in his tux.
a soccer trophy to the boy with "the strongest leg on the team"!

looking forward to a thanksgiving program and an aggie tailgate.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time,

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  1. Oh, lord how I love to take pictures of my crying child. It's equally as adorable as a giggling child. And yours is extra cute - love those sweet eyes. Looks like a fun week. Happy Friday! Lv, m