an aggie wedding

in college we would go to the kettle (picture a white trash ihop) to "study".  and by study i mean taking out our books and highlighters and placing them on the table in front of us.  instead of using our time wisely, we would eat biscuits and gravy at 2 a.m., play games, people-watch, and figure out which actors/actresses would play us in a made-for-tv-movie.

cortney: played by jennifer aniston (duh.)
joni: played by ana gasteyer (from snl)
suzy: played by tiffani amber theissen
chance: played by claire danes
stevan: played by john leguizamo
marcy: played by janeane garofalo
kelly: played by kerri russell
can you tell by our actress selections that it was the late 90s?  and that just covers some of us.

and in typical lifetime movie of the week fashion, ours would end with a "where are they now?" montage.  suzy came up with predictions for where we would be and what we would be doing in ten years.  mine involved becoming a high school cheerleading coach.  ha!  i don't remember everyone else's, except for becky's.

in the last scene of our movie, becky was driving a convertible down the highway, her hair wrapped in a scarf, smoking a cigarette in one of those fancy long holders with one hand, and flipping the bird with the other.  very thelma and louise.

flash forward ten(ish) years.  this was becky last weekend.

it looks as though she found someone to ride alongside her in that convertible.  i mean, someone has to hold her champagne, right?

she can throw one hell of a party/wedding, that's for sure.  we ate, drank, laughed, danced, watched football, drank, laughed, and drank some more.  some things never change.  we keep getting better with age.

congratulations, becky and paul!

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