the road goes on forever

these are my people. (pictured from left to right) meet leslie. she loves dancing, jim carrey, and foul language. meet marcy. she loves being bossy, taking care of people, and thinks she is a dixie chick. meet joni. she is fearless, loves music, and laughs louder than anyone i know. meet becky. she is a little naughty, a lot ambitious, and is a really funny story-teller. meet chance. she wants to be a hippie and/or a surfer girl, will jump in the middle of every picture you try to take, and can make you feel like the funniest person in the room. meet kelly. she is at times painfully honest, kind, and could eat candy for every meal. meet susan. she is the baby of the group, brave, and has a wonderfully dry sense of humor. meet ryan. he loves emily, taking care of his friends almost as much as he loves making fun of them, and is hands down the funniest person in the room. meet emily. she loves ryan, gives great compliments, and just might be the most mature one of the group. meet suzy. she loves military boys, tupac, and will never be too old to watch mtv.

these are the things you learn about your friends from college. the people that became your family when you moved far away from your own. the people you shared bathrooms with and roomed with in the dorm and in crusty apartments. the people that gained the freshman fifteen with you. these people have gotten you into trouble as well as out of trouble. the people that grieved with you after bonfire fell. the people that picked you up from class and took you to the bar. the people that slept on your couch even though they lived just 1/2 a mile away.

it's been a long time since those days and we still manage to see each other, tell the same stories over and over, and never tire of them.

tks, i love you more today than ever and i am so incredibly proud that our friendship remains a priority to each of us. thanks for the laughs and the pickle shots.

i will never forget it.

whoop! (that was for you, suzy).
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  1. and i just cried a little bit. thank you for writing this. it is spot on.

  2. Meet Cortney, she believes in true love, love at first sight, and love that grows deeper everyday - yes, she even has it tattooed on her back. She always smiles like she means it and even when annoyed, she can't help but end in laughter. She always has music playing, effectively creating the soundtrack of our college years and is in herself a song in all of our hearts.

  3. i have to say i teared up a bit reading your sweetpost about your friends and THEN i read chance's post about you. thanks for making me cry bitches.