go, cubs, go!

(originally written about a month ago)

chris can check it off the bucket list! we went to a cubs game (he went to two), and they won! so not only did he get to see his beloved cubbies, we are now convinced that they won because we were there. i have a feeling that there will be more trips to chicago during baseball season in our future. ben is too young to enjoy it now, but we know that it is just a matter of time before he will fall in love with baseball.

we crammed a lot of goodness into just a couple of days. we didn’t exactly escape the heat, but at least as texans we are pretty used to soul-crushing temperatures ;) we went with some of our dearest friends, which makes this about the millionth vacation i have taken with jennifer since our youth group days. we stayed in a really incredible hotel in a good location. i truly do not have the proper vocabulary to describe the delicious awesomeness of the hotel bed. see? we were able to spend some time with one of my oldest friends who is a chicago resident. we shopped. we cheered for the cubs. we drank beer in the second oldest baseball stadium in the country. we won! we had a dance party. we rode on a boat. we learned about architecture. we ate deep dish pizza and chicago dogs. we ogled at the beauty of chicago. we went to second city and laughed non-stop for 3 hours.

the only thing i could possibly complain about was the heat. but then we came home and were immediately suffocated by to 90% humidity. we missed our baby. and truly, i am so happy to be home with nothing to do but laundry.

bus ride with the browns

friends since seventh grade

the BEAN!

go cubs!

the drunken party that is wrigleyville

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