greatest hits

i am drawn to bloggers that make lists. like taza's happy lists or kate's bits of my weekend.
maybe i just love lists in general
(big surprise, i know).

so without further ado, i now introduce you to my list: greatest hits, featuring the most memorable bits of my week. if i don't write them down, i just may forget them.
see, aren't lists handy?

1. singing duets with this guy.
we are part of a lady antebellum cover band.

2. laughing at/with this guy. in this particular picture, i asked him how old he is and this is what i got.
he's two, mind you.

3. mastering the whole poop-in-the-potty thing. actually we are just celebrating ben's accomplishment, considering chris and i mastered this feat some 29 years ago. i have no accompanying picture.
you're welcome.

4. stringing new lights on the tree in our courtyard and the groovy effects it gives this picture.

5. spending time with my besties, singing and laughing and trying not to cry, as we prepare for sweet sarah and travis to move across the country.

6. having a real musician (and friend) at our party, which lead to 3 a.m. sing alongs to this song.

7. dance parties for one. sometimes i just have to dance. especially while listening to vampire weekend.
and sometimes it might embarrass others/myself.
so be it.

image via

8. looking like this after a morning at the gym. working out with a trainer has reinforced many things i already know: i will never enjoy running, i will never want to go to the gym, i sweat as much in forty-five minutes as three grown men do all day, and i love the feeling right after i successfully complete a work-out ALMOST as much as i like buying pants in a smaller size :)

until next week,
the end.