in limbo

hi, my name is cortney and i am a blogger. by accident, really. but a blogger nonetheless. i have been in mourning for the past month because my previous blog is mad at me and is refusing to publish. the nerve! doesn't it know that we have been on two trips since then, taken a bazillion pictures, and desperately feel the need to share them with the grandparents of our child!?!
doesn't it know that i have a toddler? and that 1 month in toddler time equals what seems like a lifetime of changes my child is making. did i mention that we pay to use our other blog, you know, the one that hates me? i finally asked myself, "self, why are we paying for a blog that doesn't work???" i didn't like the answer, so in desperation, i created a FREE blog (what a concept) so i could at least post something. i have no idea what i am doing, so bear with me, please. i have to figure out a way to display albums or share pictures (i will accept any blogging advice). but for now this will just have to do.

thanks for being patient. and welcome to our new little blog, all five of my dear readers!

see? if i didn't blog, where could i post pictures like this one?


  1. I love the blog and I laughed SO hard at this picture. :) I'll add you to my blog list that I love so much! Congrats on the big change!! Love ya!!!


  2. hahaha...he's gonna kill you for that picture some day..... :)