so long, thomas...

meet marcy dinosaur and emily dinosaur (or as ben says, "elomy").

and here you have the class pets, ben dinosaur and daddy dinosaur.

as you can see, ben dinosaur and daddy dinosaur are human ben's most favorite. they are the new thomas and percy.
(mommy dinosaur, maggie dinosaur, aly dinosaur and caroline dinosaur not pictured)

recently, human ben was having a difficult day (in a terrible two year old sort of way), so human mommy decided to take his trains as a punishment of sorts. human ben was devastated, for approximately 5 minutes. it's as if a veil was lifted. he discovered neglected toys. he found life after thomas. and he never looked back.

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  1. such a good post. however, it looks like i should have given him his thomas the train "big boy undies" earlier.
    love yall!