days like this...

sing it, van...

there are days like today when:
  • chris is out of town and we don't get to look forward to him walking through the door to sweep us off our feet.
  • ben wets his pants. twice.
  • ben forgets to "aim" properly and momma gets soaked. momma doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.
  • ben views nap time as optional.
  • the dog chews a beloved stuffed animal.
  • every time momma hears the word "no" (which is very, very often), her face starts to twitch uncontrollably. help.
  • august starts to feel like the longest month in the history of months (mother's day out hasn't started yet, and neither has momma's job).

but then i remember:
  • we are so lucky to have a man that (when in town) walks through the door every day excited to sweep us off our feet.
  • ben poops in the potty now, and not in his pants. that's major.
  • most of the time, pee actually ends up in the toilet.
  • our dog just misses daddy, like we do.
  • even though "no" is a ben favorite, so is "i love you" and "momma, you's happy? my's happy!" also, "actually" is a new word in the repertoire, which is quite hilarious, as is the substitution of "one day" for "right now" (ex. "my's hungry one day.")
  • today is the last day of august.

here is a little video of our pantsless wonder introducing the dinosaurs.

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  1. Hang in there, you're a wonderful mama. I miss y'all, see you tomorrow. I love you. cb