greatest hits

*i now introduce you to my list: greatest hits, featuring the most memorable bits of my week. if i don't write them down, i just may forget them. see, aren't lists handy?

1) a letter in the mail from the sweetest four-year-old.
(thanks, aly-bug!)

2) this haircut.

3) dinner with my girls.
no boys allowed to this going-away party.

4) this baby bump. kelly isn't finding out the sex, and won't tell us their name ideas...so we are placing wagers! i have changed my tune and now predict a BOY named JOSEPH. we'll see in december. until then, we'll just continue to rub her sweet belly.

5) a trip to the farmers market with this cute fruit taste-tester.

6)a very thoughtful gift in the mail from my mother-in-law. i must say, this has been a very good mail week.

until next week,
the end.